About Me

Diane Jennings          

Diane is a successful,established artist living in Shropshire.

She is now working full time as an artist/art teacher, running her very popular workshops called ''Painting My Way''

Diane is a Professional Associate of the SAA (Society for All Artists) which means that she carries their endorsement as a tutor and demonstrator

She in the process of painting several series of paintings-my ''monochrome collection'' which speaks for itself consists mainly of birch tree scenes which have proved very , very popular over the past year and my ''Manic Collection''which consists of brightly coloured designs on a black background.
One of this collection "Get A Wobble On" has been featured in Interior design magazine "House and Home Ideas"

Diane's paintings reflect two sides of my psyche. Her love of dramatic images which evoke passion and emotion, as shown by her vivid canvases allowing me the pleasure of indulging in her love of colour, and her need for tranquility and order in a stressful, chaotic world, represented by her more reflective works taking inspiration from the world around her.

Diversity being the spice of life, her subject matter ranges broadly; from African Sunsets and local scenery to surrealistic fantasy imagery.....from stormy seascapes to the calmness of a poppy field!


Diane works in several different mediums-oils, acrylics and encaustic ( Melted wax) and she sometimes combine all three of them together!

She loves the freedom that working with melted wax gives her—it can be controlled to a certain point but it still has a life of its own -so its very exciting to see what develops -when painting with oils and acrylic she knows exactly the effect she will get as brush touches canvas-whereas the wax is a completely different story!

You can contact Diane on 01584 872013 or 07800902488 or email her on dianetheartist@gmail.com

Diane  has been painting for some time now, but had to start to make it her full time career after her husband Bill had a heart attack in March 2003 ,just a week after their 2nd wedding anniversary and had to give up his HGV licence and also his job.

She loves nothing better than to get my brushes out and start creating another painting.

Her work has diversed from normal landscapes to abstract work and everything in between over the past few years.

To be creative is the very essence of who she is -and painting allows her this indulgence!

She loves painting commissions and a combination of your ideas and hers can produced some beautiful paintings,.