This painting is a triptych(3 Canvas) created using 3 canvas each measuring 16in wide x 20in deep. So its quite a big piece.48in x 20in, Its a very touchy feely piece created using plaster and acrylic paint.The flames stand right out from the canvas and are painted using yellow and orange paint to give the warmth of the fire.The texture continues around the sides of the canvas as well.
The background is black-(though it does appear to have a blue tinge on the photo)
A great painting for today's modern would also be a great Valentines Day present for the one you love.
Flames of Passion can also be hung upside down for another completly different feel!
A great gift for a loved one!price includes P+P in the Uk.If you are outside the Uk please get in touch for details.
Price: 100.00

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