This painting has been created by a load of good sports in a little caravan on a campsite in Bidford on Avon using only their breasts and some paint! It was Lynnes 52nd birthday and that was the reason for the meet. As the organiser is a survivor of breast cancer we decided to raise money for this cause. It was a surreal evening creating the painting-most of the ladies had never met before but were all prepared to get their boobs out and paint or be painted for Breakthrough Breast Cancer research .The resulting work of art is beautiful. 3 of the ladies who have contributed are survivors of this dreadful illness and used their affected breast to do the print.The youngest 'artist was just 7 and the oldest was 64.The young ones have gone away with the knowledge of why it was done and are now breast aware which cant be bad. The painting is for sale on Ebay because I thought we have the greatest chance of raising the most money for the cause-please take a look and spread the word-breast cancer touches most of us in one form or another in our lives the number of the painting is 250488697145 please just copy and paste it into the search bar of ebay and spread the word!

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